Chair Yoga Class

Chair Yoga Class

What is Chair Yoga Class ?

Understanding what is Chair Yoga Class.

Chair Yoga Class is basically a class that uses the chair to perform yoga poses.   Chair Yoga is great for everyone.   It is suitable for both beginners, those who want to re-visit the basic or it can also be advance yoga practitioner using Chair Yoga to improve on their alignment.  Chair Yoga help beginners to get into yoga poses easier and at the same time it can also be used by regular yoga practitioners to align their postures and stabilise the body while toning and stretching.

Our Chair Yoga Class instructors are certified and experience yoga instructors who are committed to bring various yoga programs to your workplace.  Each and every instructor are carefully selected.

Yoga has become more and more popular over the years. ”To perform every action mindfully is yoga.”

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Benefit of a Chair Yoga Class

What are some of the benefit of arranging a chair yoga class?

  • When arranging it in the company, it is easy as there is no need for participants or the company to bring yoga mats.
  • It is suitable for all levels – Beginners and Advance practitioner
  • It is suitable for all age groups – Kids to Elderly
  • It is safe to practise as the chair helps in better alignment and stability
  • Practical – Especially those who work in the office spend long hours sitting on a chair,  chair yoga poses allows practitioners to continue to practise poses daily while sitting at their desk working.

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Other Popular yoga programs for companies include:

Yoga Therapy (stiff neck and shoulders, back pain and knee pain),
Yoga for Beginners (to get employees who have not done yoga before or little yoga),
Yoga for Relaxation (includes some simple stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques for busy and stressful employees)
Team Building Yoga (fun and enjoyable session that helps to promote bonding between colleagues)

Check our yoga programs @ Yoga Programs

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