Kyphosis, commonly known as hunch back is very common among both adult and school children.

Causes of hunchback

  • For adults, those who suffer from hunchback are mostly those who spend long hours sitting and working on computers. It could also be those who like to curl themselves up on the sofa.
  • For children, it could be due to the weight of the school bag and / or poor posture Muscles of children, especially the younger ones might not be fully develop yet to hold their body weight.


Viewing from the side, the upper back is noticeable round or protruding. People with hunchback usually appear to be slouching and have a very obvious round shoulders. The lady on the left is having the hunchback symtom and if not treated it can be worsen over years and have the symtom that is similar to the old lady on the right.

Result of hunchback

  • Excess pressure on the spine which might lead to pain if not treated.
  • Excess pressure on the lungs which might cause breathing difficulties

How can we

Holisitc methodology approach to bring the upper & mid back to alignment.

Focus of the healing process will be targeted on the upper back and middle back region. Neck and shoulders tighness which are also affected by hunchback will also be worked on. Our holistic healing methology train and help you to build up your own awareness to maintain proper posture and alignment to reduce or get ride of hunch back.

  • Breathing & Building Awareness
  • Trigger Point & Myofascial Release
  • Gentle Bone Manupulation for more serious cases
  • Physical or manual therapy for more serious cases
  • Stretching & Tension Releasing

We will assess your condition and determine the cause of your hunch back and tailor a suitable healing procedure for you.

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