Back Pain

In today’s modern society, back pain has become a very common problem
especially for those who spend long hours sitting or standing.

Causes of back pain

  • For adults, those who suffer from backpain are mostly those who spend long hours sitting and working on computers. It could also be those who like to curl themselves up on the sofa.
  • For children, it could be due to the weight of the school bag and / or poor posture Muscles of children, especially the younger ones might not be fully develop yet to hold their body weight.
  • Whether for adults or children, the main cause of back pain is due to not using the correct muslces to support the body to maintain proper alignment and posture. It could also be due to tighness and tension in the back, hips and hamstrings.


Common symtom of those having back pain are sway back, arched back, flat back.
When the alginment of the spine is not maintained, it will result in pain.

This is demonstrated by

  • The first lady on the left - sway back (lots of pressure on the whole back)
  • The 2nd lady from the left – arched back (she is likely to have lower back pain)
  • The 3rd lady from the left – flat and hunched back, likely to have lower back and upper back pain). Besides the back, the neckd and shoulders are also affected.
  • The lady on the extreme right maintain proper alignment and posture when standing and thus is able to have a healthy back.

Pain in the Upper Back (commonly in between the shoulder blades)

Pain in the Lower Back (can be on the left / right or center of the lower back). If there is any imbalance in the hips the pain is likely to occur on either the right or left side. lder blades)

How can we

Holisitc methodology approach to bring the upper back, middle back and lower back to alignment.

Focus of the healing process will be targeted on the upper back / middle back / lower back region – depending on the condition of each and every individual. In many cases the neck and shoulders will be work on.

Our holistic healing methology train and help you to build up your own awareness to maintain proper posture and alignment to prevent / manage back pain.

• Breathing and Building Awareness
• Trigger Point & Myofascial Release
• Gentle Bone Manupulation for more serious cases
• Physical or manual therapy for more serious cases
• Stretching & Tension Releasing
• De-rotation (if there is the back pain is cause by any rotation)

We will assess your condition and determine the cause of your hunch back and tailor a suitable healing procedure for you.

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