Customized Strengthening & Stretching Program

Pain is usually the result of misalignment, tightness and lack of space.   Each client’s condition differs from another.  Our customized strengthening and stretching programs are tailored to the condition and needs of each individual.   The programs are functional so that you can apply and bring these practises into your daily life.


The program are carefully selected from various modality of movement therapy – mainly from Yoga and Pilates movement.   Clear and specific instructions are given so that they can be practised safely and effectively.


Should there be any tight trigger points or misalginment in the joints or spine, those are usually treated first before proceding to strengthening and stretching.

Finding Awareness to Better Alignement in the Body

The first step of getting better is to train yourself to develop the awareness and sensitivity to feel and control the balance in your own body. This awareness that is develop will be able to guide you to have a better alignment in your practise and daily posture so that physical pain like back pain, neck and shoulders pain etc can be better managed. An example: Most of us stand with more weight on one leg and sit with more weight on one buttocks without realising.

You will be guided with the use of props eg. blocks, belts, wall, chair etc to develop the awareness.

Strength VS Flexiility

Both stretching and strenghtening are equally important.

It is very common for someone with lots of flexibility to develop pain and misalignment as they do not have the necessary muscles strength to protect themselves.  It is common for this group of people to develop pain in the joints – wrist, ankles, knees, hips, elbow and also ower back pain.     Pain can also occur when exercise programs – example over stretching in yoga classes.   


On the other hand, it is also common for those with lots of strength and strong muscles but without flexibility to develop pain.  In this case, pain is due to restrictions and tightness in the muscles.


Thus our holistic customized strenghtening and stretching program focus in developing a balance between strength and flexibility.

Quantity Vs Quality of the Practise

In a very typical exercise class,  most people focus in going for higher quantity and intensity.  However that could be harmful if the exercise are not done with the right muslces.  


A good example will be having a back pain or neck pain after core exercies.   This is a very typical example of not using the right muscles for the practise.   Another example is a very tight neck and shoulders after doing chaturanga (push up), planks and downward dogs after a yoga class. 


Having the awareness to use the right muscles while practising is very important for the practise to be beneficial.    


You will be guided to have the awareness to use the right muslces for the practise.    If you have muscles that have not been working,   our program will be able to help you to “wake up” the muscles so that you can activate them.

How can our Holistic Customized Streghtening & Stretching Program Help?

Strengthening Program

  • Activate Muscles that has not been utilized
  • Strengthening of Muscles that are weak or has just been activated.


Stretching Program

  • Stretching out tight muscles safely and correctly
  • Assisted Stretching Program – Ropes, Chairs etc are used to help clients to stretch mucles which are not easily targeted during a regular DIY stretching session.
  • Twisting and Rotation – this has to be done carefully especially for those with an exisitng roation in the body or with scoliosis.

Our holistic customized strengthening and stretching focus on maintaining
proper alignment so that the program is effective.

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