Frozen Shoulders

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint. It commonly affects that that are around 50 years old. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, many are experience frozen shoulders even before that.

Causes of Frozen Shoulders

Normally, the shoulder joint has a bigger range of motion than other joint in the body. When a patient develops frozen shoulder, the area surrounding the shoulder joint becomes stiff and contracted. The contraction of the capsule and the formation of adhesions casue the frozen shoulder to become stif and causes movement to become painful.

Frozen shoulders can be due to a:

  • - Sedentary lifestyle
  • - Injury – eg rotator cuff tear
  • - Tight upper back

It is important to determine the reason of the frozen shoulder to determine on the healing
methodology – whether to rest or to actively rehabitate.

Causes of Frozen Shoulders

  • - Pain – usually a dull pain while moving
  • - Limited Movement of the Shoulders (either backforward or upwards)
  • - Limited Movement of the Arms (moving arms back or up which results in difficulty with activities like brushing hair, putting on shirts / bras)
  • - Pain while trying to sleep on the affected shoulder

How can we

Using our holistic methodology approach has shown results for many of our clients / students.

Focus of the healing process will be targeted on the muscles around the shoulder joint – Teres Major & Minor, Scapular, Rotator Cuffs, Upper back, etc. Gentle Bone manipulation might be applied to adjust the position of the shoulder joint.

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