Who are we?

Healing with Alignment together with Yoga Guru and Workplace Health Singapore are brands under Academy of Hoistic Wellness Pte Ltd. Healing with Alignment is set up with the objective of helping people who are suffering from pain due to misalignment of the body – physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Being in Alginment =>Optimal Health => Optimal Performance

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip each individual with the knowhow that they can use to help themselves to be better align and move towards better health, better performance and happiness.

We provide 1-1 private programs, small group programs and corporate wellness programs. Programs are tailored to the need of the individual, groups and companies. We are committed to helping each and every individual to become their better self - physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is a holistic approah that is NON-INVASIVE.  We work on the ALIGNMENT of the body (no medication, no injections and no surgeries).

  • Building of Awareness
  • Trigger Point & Myofascial Release
  • Ultra Gentle Bone Setting / Spinal Manipulation
  • Bowen Therapy / Emmett Technique
  • Customized Posture & Alignment Training
  • Customized Strengthening & Stretching Program
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound & Vibration Therapy
  • Touch Healing
  • De-rotation (if there is any)

Our methodology work on both internal and external alignment of the body – skeletal, muscular and cellular.    When there is alignment,  the body is symmetrical and this triggers the natural healing of the body to take place.


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