Natural Medicine - Green Luo Flower from Tibet

Green Luo Flower from Tibet (绿萝花)

GreenLuoFlower (绿萝花茶)

 Herbal Plant from Tibet – Green Luo Flower 

The Green Luo Flower is a precious herbal plant that grows in the cold mountains of Tibet.  It is consume widely by the locals in Tibet as well as people from all over the world.  There is significant improvement shown in those who consume it –  positive feedback and testimonials are given.  It is a natural herbal medicine with no preservatives or impurities and 100% natural which is suitable for long term consumption for better health.

Benefits from Drinking Green Luo Flower Tea:  

(1) Reduce Blood Sugar – Especially helpful for those with diabetes.

(2) Reduce Cholesterol / Lower High Blood Pressure

(3) Soften Hardened Blood Vessel 

(4) Improve blood circulation

(5) Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

(6) Improve Immune System

Click on the video below for more information about Green Luo Flower.

It is especially suitable for the following group of people

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
  • Those who stay up late at night

Not Suitable for

However due to its slightly cooling nature (微凉), it is not suitable for pregnant women and ladies having menstruation.

Green Luo Flower (绿萝花)
Green Luo Flower (绿萝花)

神奇的藏药 - 绿萝花












Method of Consumption

Every morning and night, use boiling water 4-5 flowers, refill water for maximum 4 times.

Reviews from Consumers

Andy Tang. This tea is very good for my diabetes, after drinking for weeks, i have stop my medication and it also help reduce my cholesterol. I use this for daily drinking and I recommend people with high blood, high cholesterol and high sugar level to try it.

Michelle. I try to drink a few time. Not bad. Clear the body system. My high cholesterol went down. Now I drink a glass everyday.

陈先生. 很好, 加菊花喝味道更好。 血糖降到 6 了。

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